ik ga maar chili koekjes bakken

Op een kookforum waar ik vaak kom hebben ze het al weken over geweldige chilli biscuits. Die ga ik vandaag maar eens maken, kan met die herrie toch niet veel anders als poetsen en bakken.

Anchovy and chilli biscuits (makes 24)

The best of both worlds, being hot and salty – and rather addictive.

4 red chillis
125g (41/2oz) butter (chilled)
125g (41/2oz) flour
50g (13/4oz) anchovies
125g (41/2oz) gruyère cheese
Brush the chillis with a little oil then blister their skins over a naked flame. Seal the chillis in a plastic bag for 15 minutes, then peel off their skins, remove their seeds and chop the flesh finely.

Cut the butter into little cubes and blend with the flour to a breadcrumb texture using the pulse button of a food processor, or rubbing in with the fingertips.

Drain the anchovies, pat dry with kitchen paper and chop finely.

Mix the chillis, cheese and anchovies with the flour and butter and knead gently into a paste. Wrap in film and refrigerate for one hour.

Heat the oven to 220°C/425F°/ gas mark 7. On a floured board, roll the dough to a 3mm (1/6in) thickness then cut into 6x2cm (2×2/3in) strips. Cook on a baking tray for ten minutes, until golden brown. Cool on a rack and store in a tin, unless serving straight away.

(recept: the Telegraph)


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